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Mercedes C200 2007+ W204 Test Drive: Learning electronics

Mercedes C200 W204
Mercedes C200 W204

Conservative view in the approach to the creation of Mercedes cars remained in the distant past. The updated C-Class is not so much has changed in appearance much changed inside. Followed by other representatives of the German trio, "Mercedes" came into the race of electronic weapons.

The latest generation of the C-Class came back in 2007 and immediately took a fairly strong position. "Treshka" BMW at the time sold for two years, and the new Audi A4 was released almost a year. I think it will not be wrong if I say that at the time, Mercedes-Benz is a pioneer, introducing new and more expensive technology to the mass class of compact sedans. And the donor to "tree" was not the E-class, which at the time was already "a hundred years in the afternoon," and has just debuted the flagship S-Class.

C-Class received an unusual contoured body shape, LED lights, new interior and a whole bunch of gadgets that are not available earlier. Since the start of sales in March 2007, "Mercedes" was able to realize more than 1 million cars, which confirms the well chosen course. In December 2007, the baton "Audi", releasing a very strong competitor in the face of the new A4. Interestingly, her body was very similar to the "Mercedes". Those raised lines, the unusual shape of the rear profile and turned up the trunk lid. But the main difference inside wings - unlike the C-class, A4 was equipped with proprietary multimedia system MMI, which opened for car owners broad prospects. The same thing happened two years later, when she made her debut updated BMW 3 Series. Even now, after 4 years, dorestaylingovy C-class still can easily compete with rivals in appearance, but the first glance at the instrument panel and the central display will cause the buyer spoiled boredom.

Not luxury sports

However, electronic eye is not obvious, so the first thing touch exterior of the car. Here, obviously, there were major battles between designers and ideologues of the brand. On the one hand the "Mercedes" long and consistently trying to add their cars youthfulness and thus refresh the average age of the buyer, on the other hand very much do not want to part with the company's marketing image of a luxury car with a three-beam star on the hood.

The updated C-face class was closer in style to the new SL and CL. Visually, the changes fit in the new headlights and bumper. Although in reality was the aluminum hood and the windshield add additional sensors and a camera.

Major improvements to the front of the car - new lights, similar to those of the new Mercedes-Benz SL and CL, added C-class identity. Reflectors housed inside diode marker lights unusual shape. It is possible that designers will try to grab for it, making a such a recognizable symbol. But the lower part of the bumper word copied from the older E-class - the same curves and chrome strip of daytime running lights.

Mercedes-Benz C200 W204
Mercedes-Benz C200 W204
Behind distinguish old from new car more difficult. Of visible changes - only the rear lights, which are now fully LED.

In any case, depending on the configuration and the car looks both luxurious and sporty. Wagon with a classic three-beam placement mascot continues restrained aristocratic style, sedan AMG-skirts with a huge logo on defiantly false radiator lattice hints at a troubled character and fresh blood in their veins.

The main change in the bi-xenon headlights - optional Adaptive Highbeam Assist. Thanks to the camera and sensor lighting in Auto Electronics switches / dipped beam and changes the form of light beam lenses.

Electronic paradise

Given the claims to a close and the archaic interior dorestaylingovogo C-class engineers "Mercedes" completely revamped it. Now, the interior design is consistent with recent models of the company. Most similarities with the older E-and S-class, although some elements borrowed from other cars. For example, the steering wheel chetyrehspitsevy moved into a small straight out of the latest CLS. And his expensive leather nappa finish is already a standard feature. Engineers even changed the texture of the plastic on the center console - now it also looks impressive.

But the major acquisitions in the interior steel electronic gadgets. Hidden under a meaningless names like "Distronic Plus", "Attention Assist", they will be the main reason for buying the updated C-Class.

The first is to mention onboard displays, the resolution of which corresponds to the modern household appliances. Although they are only available for a surcharge. Plus the screen resolution, located inside the speedometer, still fell short of a little - the numbers and letters are visible eye "ladder."

For the first time in this class of car driver and passengers can access the Internet. However, while only using the main display car. Distribute access to the network for everyone until you learn the car. A pity. Multimedia interface systems "Mercedes" - not the strength of his party.

The windshield updated class settled camcorder. It will equip the C-Class by several innovative safety systems. First - Active Lane Keeping Assist - monitors the position of the car on the road, guided by the road markings. In the case of crossing, the screen displays messages, and served on the steering wheel vibration. If the driver does not take action, the system takes control: activates the brakes on one of the axes to gradually return the car in its lane. On the roads of Tenerife, where he was a test drive, the system worked perfectly. But only if the deflection angles were very small and smooth, ie corresponding behavior of the car when the driver was distracted by management dostavaniem something from the glove box, talking with someone, etc. In the Russian context option, unfortunately, will not do anything - irregular and rare in domestic road markings would rather confusing electronics.

Tracking system for marking Active Lane Keeping Assist is tightly integrated with the ESP. If necessary, it can slow down the right wheel to return the car in its lane. Before the intervention of the driver electronics will see a warning message on the screen and feel the vibration in the steering wheel.

The second system, which also uses a video camera - Speed ​​Limit Assist. It detects signs, limiting the maximum speed, and provides this information to the instrument panel and screen navigation system. Thing is very useful especially in unknown terrain. And the camera sees equally well as speed limit signs, and cancel such. How will it work in Russia, where would-repairers often forget to put a sign "the abolition of all restrictions," good question. But on the roads of Europe lick Speed ​​Limit Assist function as a clock.

Camcorder recognizes speed limit signs and displays them on-board screen inside the speedometer and navigation display.

Immediately there is a system of active cruise control system that can maintain a set distance to the vehicle ahead at any speed limits, including a stop to 0 km / h (for automatic transmission), the system of preventive inhibition that can urgently stop the machine in case of a high probability of an accident and the system of keeping track of the driver. If the machine is understood that the driver is tired - on the dashboard icon will be a cup of coffee. It is a pity only the coffee machine has not yet learned to cook. And sunroof may dim at the touch of a button, the driver is able to access the Internet via the built-in 3G-modem dashboard.

Mercedes-Benz C200 2011
However, about the electronic systems can talk for a long time - a lot of them here and they are all very nice. While only wonder how they come to Russia and will be in demand here. Computer aides significantly increase the final cost of the car and a very capricious to the surrounding space. Bring the camera and good road markings for the Internet - you need good coverage, and at least a good plan.

More power - less fuel

In the range of engines available for the updated C-Class, four petrol engines and five diesel. Most of them are already known by the previous generation of machines, although mersedesovtsy say about the great work done on them. Basically it came down to improve efficiency and reduce fuel consumption. According to official figures, some power packs have become less greedy to third.

The most popular probably will be three versions of the petrol 1.8 turbo (156, 184 and 204 hp) and a new 3.5-liter V6 (306 hp). By "Diesel" in our country continue otnocitsya cautiously. As luck would have in the first wagon I just got the engine running on diesel fuel. Fellow journalists laughed: "Mercedes station wagon and even a diesel? In Russia, this will not be exact." It is likely that in this way. Although silver C 220 CDI I fell in love.

Calm, confident, very quiet - it adjusts to a measured ride for long distances. On the track he simply has no equal, but on a mountain streamer, which led me navigation, "shed" clearly pass. Sharp turns were given to him to work. Affects even long body and increased weight, namely setting the car. Reaction to steering were quite amorphous with a noticeable delay. Saved only high-torque diesel engine, which seems to not know in what was a body. All 400 Nm of torque, the car picked up speed since 1400 and with enviable dynamics carried to the next turn.

Handling sedan - the opposite of a generalist. The machine will gladly attack turns, clearly following the trajectory.


And without any updates to the current generation C-Class snapping as pies - last in 2010 managed to sell most cars - worldwide 1.25 million units. Now that most running "Mercedes" equipped with the latest electronic equipment and much finalized the interior, looking to purchase it should be added. Moreover, that such a bunch of high technology is not offered by competitors - A4 will update at best next year, and update "treshki" BMW and generally planned for 2012.

In Russia, the restyled C-Class is already available, and at very competitive prices. The simple version of C 180 (156 hp) will cost 1.37 million rubles, while the BMW 320 (with the same power) is available at 1,332,000 rubles. Is the most affordable Audi A4 c engine 1.8 liter, 160 hp - Asking for her 1,214,600 rubles. But, it is the most "old" business of compact sedans German troika. Japanese Infiniti G25 and Lexus IS250 can not even take into account. Their prices start at half a million.

A similar layout and a more powerful version of the C 200, C 250 and C 220, even TDI. It turns out that the "Mercedes" for at least 1 year knocked yourself a good head start, almost depriving consumers reasonable choices. Incidentally, this story has already occurred with the E-class. Its new generation emerged exactly one and a half years before the main competitors - the new "five" and "a six".

The third generation Mercedes-Benz C-Class

Mercedes-Benz C200 W203
Mercedes-Benz C200 W203

Debut of the third-generation Mercedes-Benz C-Class W203 body with the index in March 2000. Externally, the car is a smaller copy of the S-Class with a sporty character in the spirit of the CLK. W203 on aerodynamics than some other brands in its class.

Compared with the previous generation of machines in W203 amended the bodywork (to increase security) and suspension (for the sake of control.) The front of the C-Class body supplied with removable modules that an accident can be easily and inexpensively replaced. In addition, the collision at low speed front module absorbs the energy of impact, thus leaving the spars body intact. To reduce vibration, which is transmitted to the body from the front wheels and the engine, used aluminum subframe and it set the powertrain and chassis. A new type front suspension McPherson, at triple wishbone.

C-class as well, and many other models of the brand, is available in three trim levels: Classic, Elegance and Avantgarde, which differ in the level of equipment, interior decoration, decorative trim, and wheels. In the spring of 2001, there are five-door wagon (T-Model) and three-door hatchback, which is at the same wheelbase shorter than the sedan to 183 mm, and besides, the bonnet, front bumper and fenders had others. In the roof of the hatchback was built just two transparent hatch.

In 2004 there was a facelift, which resulted in a redesigned front and rear optics, bumpers, instrument panel, center console, 16-inch wheels are now standard. In addition, the first to use a new, scratch-resistant paint. Support changed the front suspension and rear control arm, there was a steering rack with parametric control valve and a smaller gear ratio. Until 2002, Mercedes C-Class came with a four-cylinder petrol engines of 1.8 liters (129 hp, model S180), 1.8 liter (163 hp, model C200), 1.8 liter (170 hp, model C200 CGI), 1.8 liter (192 hp, model C230K), and the V6 engine capacity of 2.6 liters (170 hp, model C240), 3.2 liter (218 hp, model C320), 3.2 liter ( 354 hp, model C32 AMG) and diesel power units equipped with the Common Rail turbo volume of 2.1 liters (122 hp, model C200 CDI) and 2.1 liters (143 hp, model C220 CDI).

In 2002, the increased engine power models C220 CDI (from 143 to 150 hp) and S180 (with 129 to 143 hp). To scale the existing diesel power units added new engines of 2.7 liters (170 hp, model C270 CDI) and 3.0 liters (231 hp, Model C30 CDI AMG). In addition to this came the all-wheel drive version (4-Matic). Since 2005, new petrol engines V6, namely the 2.5-liter engine (204 hp, model S230), 3.0 liter (231 hp, model S280), 3.5 liter (272 hp, model C350 ) and diesel power unit with turbocharger and Common Rail system of the third generation - V6 volume 3.0 liters (224 hp, model S320 CDI), a model S230 K, C240, S320, C270 CDI and C30 CDI AMG were removed from production. Since that time, all cars are equipped with a new seven-speed adaptive automatic transmission (7G-Tronic).

There was also "charged" modification of the C-Class (C55 AMG), which appeared in 2004. It was equipped with a V8 petrol engine capacity of 5.5 liters and 367 hp power The front part of the car was lengthened by 80 mm. Last Mercedes-Benz C-class third-generation off the line in 2006 and was designed to the customer from America.

Operation features Mercedes-Benz C200 W203 Kompressor

Mercedes-Benz C200 W203 Kompressor
Mercedes-Benz C200 W203 Kompressor

Mercedes C-Class W203, however, as the previous generation, is still the most prestigious and most expensive in its class. He has excellent handling characteristics and high level of comfort, but frankly have a car is expensive, as they say, for all the good you have to pay.

Main technical characteristics of Mercedes-Benz C200 W203 Kompressor, provided the test (data from the manufacturer for a new car):

- Engine capacity - 1998 cu. cm;
- Engine power - 163 HP at 5 300 r / min;
- Torque - 230 Nm at 2 500 r / min;
- Maximum speed - 230 km / h;
- Dynamics of the acceleration (0 to 100 km / h) - 9;
- Fuel consumption on the highway is 6.9 l/100 km in the city - 13.9 L/100 km;
- Clearance - 150 mm.


He is well protected against corrosion. The instance of 2001 to date should not be even a hint of rust. Its visible lesions may indicate poor-quality restoration body panels after the accident.


The four-cylinder 2-liter engine itself is quite reliable and unpretentious. It is equipped with a mechanical compressor or blower, which has some advantages over the more common turbochargers: immediate reaction to the gas pedal and no turboyamy. However, during the operation of a motor needs more high-quality and timely service. For example, the late replacement of the air filter is the risk that will drive the supercharger oil, and then it will work increased noise, which is a signal for the repair or replacement of the compressor.

And if the filter will be completely clogged, the motor can draw it in yourself and deform, and as a consequence - engine overhaul.

Other features may be noted that after a run of about 60-80 thousand miles may require replacement of the tensioner and the belt clip, and after about 120 000 km - and the water pump. Often time there is oil leaking from the valve cover gaskets, and the spark plug wells are usually flooded with oil.


Automatic transmission with manual shift transmission, which is equipped with a Mercedes C-class, reliable enough. By the way, the manufacturer states that it is maintenance-free, ie oil it is designed for the lifetime of the unit. Nevertheless, in our case, some experts recommend to replace the transmission fluid every 60,000 miles. May eventually begin to leak electrical connector manager, and change it did not make sense. Practice shows that this fault can be eliminated by sealing. However, it should be done carefully, so that the sealant is not ranked in the oil box.


The suspension often, you may have to change the front trailing arm bushings and strut front stabilizer bar. These details are in our environment are about 30-50 thousand km. At about the same mileage often require replacement and outer bushings lower wishbone rear suspension. Longitudinal and transverse arms, and tie-rod ends, rack rear stabilizer bar and front shock absorbers are likely to last for about 90 thousand kilometers. Rear suspension largest investments may require after driving 100,000 miles.

The front brakes generally provide 60 thousand km, rear stand about 90 thousand kilometers.

Mercedes-Benz C200 - Silver Arrow

Mercedes C200 CDI W203 Elegance
Mercedes C200 CDI W203 Elegance

History of the German company Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft, to produce cars Mercedes, started in 1900, and the following year was registered first win a race car Mercedes. In 1926, a model Mercedes-Benz SSK. For a lot of weight (about two tons) and white color car nicknamed the "white elephant." At this bolide July 9, 1927, Rudolf and Adolf Rosenberger Karachiolla occupied the first two places in the Eifel race at the Nürburgring. For the year cars Mercedes SSK participated in more than 90 competitions and won many mountain and racing circuit. In 1928, once again wins Karachiolla Nurburgring, and his companions, Otto Merz and Christian Werner took second and third place.

The most outstanding was a triumph for Mercedes in a grueling 1,600-kilometer race Mille Miglia. For this competition have created a new modification of cars Mercedes SSKL. All went well, but the Association of racing AICAR changed technical regulations. Weight of cars was limited to 750 pounds. Created SSKL not fit this requirement. And in Stuttgart created a new model that has received index W25. But still invest in the weight limit was not possible. And then on the eve of the first race of the championship, Alfred Neubauer (head race of the concern Daimler-Benz) ordered to tear the whole car with white paint! That helped - the maximum weight was 750 kg. A blazing fireballs silver aluminum body. Manfred von Brauchitsch won the race. After that lucky silver color became the official color of Mercedes, a car nicknamed "silver arrows".

By car W25 Karachiolla Rudolph in 1935 became the European champion, and a year later won first place in the Grand Prix racing in Monaco and Tunisia. In 1937, a new model Mercedes W125 Hermann Lang achieved incredible at the time of speed - 380 km / h All competitors were defeated. The following year, Mercedes wins four wins in the Grand Prix, and in 1939 - five. After these victories attended races and competitions had to be stopped, as the Second World War, and the Mercedes-Benz plant changed its production of engines for the fighters. Return took place in 1951, when Hermann Lang, Karl Kling and Juan Manuel Fangio won the second, third and sixth in the Grand Prix of Argentina. The following year, the Mexican race Carrera Pan Americana in a car windshield at a speed of 220 km / h hit the bar. But even that did not stop Karl Kling record to its credit another victory.

In 1954 Manuel Fangio at Mercedes victory in three races, and next year - five, becoming double world champion. "Silver Arrows" leaving motorsport for 34 years, but returned in 1989 and immediately won 16 of 18 races Championship GT, including a first place win at Le Mans. In 1990, Michael Schumacher made his debut and won his first major victory in the Grand Prix of Japan. Mercedes-Benz is still at the forefront of world motorsport and race cars still a nice deal of the first "Silver Arrows".

Mercedes C200 W203 Kompressor


Year of the car provided by the test - 2001-th, Compressor 2-liter engine, 163 hp, automatic transmission with manual shift transmissions. Accessories: leather trim, wood inserts, full power, powered front seats and steering wheel, separate climate control, cruise control, Power Steering, ABS, ESP, eight airbags. Mileage on the odometer - 87 000 km.

Mercedes C200 W203 Kompressor
Mercedes C200 W203 Kompressor

Mini S-Class

Slim, in the back of the rapid C200 W203 seems very easy, angularity and heaviness predecessor is not in sight. The profile is strongly skewed limber and smooth, almost oval contours of the roof, he resembles a sports coupe. Only four doors say it respectable sedan. Branded "sight" on the hood and a chrome grille also still there. And much like the C200 S-class, especially the front optics and design of the stern. Similarity models for Mercedes - tradition.

Interior (by the way, is also very similar to the S-class) C200 compact spaciousness not strike, but creates a cozy atmosphere. Leather interior is in perfect harmony with the soft plastic panels, center console and door trim are refined dark wood, and the present. Front seats with lateral support can be unobtrusive and to raise and tilt as you please with the help of numerous elektroregulirovok, the control unit is in the driver's seat door (with memory for three positions), and the passenger - on the side seat. Wheel bagel also regulated by servo in both directions on its spokes are keys radio and trip computer.

On the instrument panel below the main oval canopy - a huge speedometer and display bortkompyutera, sides - sectors modest tachometer and fuel reserve indicator, digitized in fractions (in my opinion, too many digits), and all! Simple but informative. Traditionally, only the stalk lever functions are not overloaded - light control is assigned to a rotating switch, located on the left panel of the steering wheel, there are mirrors and a joystick control HA. Ignition switch to the electronic key on the front panel, as in all Mercedes.

On the "wood" of the center console under the duct is a row of buttons: heated front seats, trip stabilization system, emergency gang, disabling airbags, locking doors and folding rear head restraints. Below - a proprietary radio and climate control unit. Between the front seats is a voluminous box armrest, in the glove compartment - CD-changer for 6 CDs. Three headrest on the back of the rear seat hint at capacity - basically enough room for three.

Kompressor / traction

Mechanical supercharger, not having, as opposed to a turbine failure, makes the engine very flexible - C200 Kompressor steadily accelerated since 1000 rpm! Most of the cars with three-beam star to have a leisurely ride, in the mode of "D" C200 with plenty of power and superb performance "machine" like all Mercedes. Acceleration powerful and smooth, but without pressing in the chair, "automatic" transfer goes through almost unnoticed, but the motor spins up to 4000 rev / min. The car with dynamic looks and supercharged engine was expecting more. But here is the manual mode the box! Little can make a row, and the power system stabilization ESP, the benefit under the wheels of a dry asphalt.

I press the button ESP-off, push the left selector automatic transmission - the first program, the display instead of "D" on fire "1", let go of the brake and gas to the floor ... Here it really feels "drive character" - with a little stern starts to slip to the right, a small discharge of gas, tires cling to the asphalt and back starts to press in the chair. It is more interesting, the real acceleration, here's what I understand - Kompressor! Tachometer needle immediately flies to the red zone, the automatic transmission does not switch itself, push the lever to the right - second gear, a small jerk, normal flight. By the way, in manual mode C200 very significantly slows the engine dumping gas before the turn, a small complete rotation of the steering wheel and gas to the floor again. Turn pass without problems, like on rails - excellent handling. Steering is very informative, with a fairly easy.

The next round without frills on the machine. Is peaceful and calm. Suspension, though stiff. Bumps in the road, even small, clearly transmitted to the body. But it is only at low speeds, is a bit imbedded - Mercedes straightens the road is smooth and measured, heard only rubber flip flops.


In the urban bustle C200 Kompressor unfazed and comfortable, almost like a big Mercedes. But on the track it makes it possible to feel like driving a real car drayverskogo naturally manually box.

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Mercedes C200 W202 1994 Review

Mercedes C200 W202 1994
Mercedes C200 W202 1994

So decided to write a review on possession C200 w202 1994 onwards Ownership period of 9 months. Moved from the VAZ-2112, comparing naturally misplaced. Actually wanted to take a Toyota Crown in '93, he knew that the man in the cr Money was not sorry, only the original, all-in-time, and under the hood almost climbed, there was no need. It later emerged that the Crown welded "pop", then this option was dropped. Upset, began to look for other options. The budget was modest, about 180 thousand somehow come up with an option to take an old Meren. Certainly thought of risk, but a run on the options worth it - nothing to lose.

Went to see the 1st and the last option. As it turned out hurried to the purchase, Meren was bit Boccino, underneath the passenger side is poor. But at the time of inspection, I was like ohmuril charm of this machine. Vendor - a young guy with a sly look clearly something withheld. Sold for Genk car allegedly stepfather. Looking PTS, 3 owners in Russia, the Moscow road, as well as the winter salt machine was not spoiled by listening to the engine by turning the buttons out of it and, after looking around the front glass, niche chute, like anything criminal, decided - we take here and now. 25 bargain because of the initial price of 185 TR took its first measurements on native 15 cast for 160. Winter tires, as well as the drive was not, this aspect of the right to bargain boss, throwing off his miter 15, 10 more to bargain for a cross. Still chuyalo my heart that something was not right, he's like middleman. Oh well.

Paid off and now I mchu home in a nearby area for measurement. That same evening, found that three transmission by gas dump flies. It's a shame, 3 in the most salable, then spat - no problem, right now, as I go, already accustomed to. When he found the bottom and cooked battered Boccino - upset even more, right now, spit - not a problem, not 10 years old to ride it. Immediately natural oil change old was dark as ona black. He poured 5-50 Mobil synthetics, I thought that the engine with claimed mileage of 270 thousand, it is not necessary, and was succeeded by 10-40 semi-synthetics, air, spark, and also changed the belt once bought winter tires + Velcro. The first 1,000 km it became clear that the pump runs, scatters from the pulley. 2000 rubles SWAG, delivered with a friend in the garage themselves, generally almost all try to make the repair myself, except where special equipment is needed. Then it turns out that the steering linkage also outlived its, back buzzing hub-and therefore two just below replacement. But it is not hovering, on the trapeze and bearings I skated winter calm.

In winter, 1.5 months after the purchase and about 3000 my mileage on this car decides to go out of Msc in Voronezh. Round trip only please. And with our -5 I get to -25 degrees Voronezh cold. The car stood for a couple of days on the street. I go out, the key to the start, started up - troit written off in the cold, after engine has become resistant after a good warm to touch - carrion fails, the car does not pull, troit-tupit, bogged down. Again looking for some of the same thing, more or less goes, if the gas in the ground. All right, PPC, came to Voronezh. How to Make the desired trip, put his horse into the yard. Near CF service specialist, at sign, at least. Tomorrow I'll go, I think, and now in the Internet on forums. Oh, if it were not for CF forums much extra money would be poured ... it's frightening to imagine. The result came in the winter in the early C180 and 200 tupit engine control unit PMS, in other words the brain. Took note.

At the next day I went to the service, and it turned out - block PMS, the tube from the reservoir to the power packed with an oil emulsion. They removed the block, drier, tube not have lost, you see, in Voronezh Mercedes service in the compressor water. After a couple of hours of drying machine factory unit as a native and well-drawn, computer diagnostics writes nothing, all right, they say, ha - and how she wrote when just brain-shot put. They took the 2500 for that is not clear, he did not argue. But the next day the picture was repeated, troit-tupit-not pulling-chokes. Even then he took off his block, washed with alcohol, blew up, cleared, poshamanil more, the advice of CF forum, and voila, after the factory and excellent racing in all weather conditions. In general, I do not got a very good option, much more had to be changed, with many pogemorroitsya had to, but I love this car very much.

Recently skated in the Crimea, 3300 miles without problems, only skid blade and scraped the asphalt, and I think that was my fault, bad tie, took her in the trunk. Originally, the ride was, of course, points, suddenly that the car is old. As it turned out, to cheers Mercedes devoured miles, eat almost asked, 7-8 l. 100-110-120 for a hundred km \ h Now, after the trip, I understand that C200 boring machine in terms of speed and acceleration of the dynamics, I'm not talking about the 180 version, and if more and the machine, so all ATAS, for grandparents, in general, I laugh in the eyes of those who wrote - " C180, 150 km \ h without problems "go, but tugovato. And like enough and on the other side, but I want Pobol because after such long journeys you know, there really is a good way - Marsh 150, in any case, I would like 130-150, and 100-110 in C200 cruising, of course it will go faster , but felt that the engine has to be stressful.

Overall, despite all the difficulties that brought, and for some reason it seems that still take this car - I like it. A man with his hands, which may itself which-that do, you can take free. W \ h for every taste and budget, from the barn to the Chinese openly known manufacturers. I think that you should not say which is better - not original, but taking such a machine, and the state of these years, that is, pretty silly to splurge on the original with a large selection and price dispersion. Of course when it comes to stuffing box orig neorig 400 rubles and 200, it is best to take home for $ 400, but when the difference is 1000 or more - you can already think. Coy then changed, which in principle does not need to be replaced, for example front Amorth, even to go, but did not like their work already - changed. Fuel Pump Relay for some reason, like an acid drop fell, worked quite himself, but changed. The thermostat is also working has changed, when to replace a broken bolt, right now, I remember that it was the nerves and hemorrhoids, had to remove the entire body with sensors and cast over him.

If you stop at this and decided to take the back - very good to see everything, and preferably in the specialized center or who are coached by CF, do not be stingy, run the risk of losing more and end up being hemorrhoids. Despite the shortcomings, the machine pleasant to go to her pleasure, you feel that made for man, that he is not in his movements soared, in contrast to our car industry, rear-wheel drive - cool, but not in the winter and in the rain, there should be a neat, handling is good, and the turn radius is great. Nothing special about the comfort will not say there's condos - works, almost never use it. Sit comfortably, embarkation / disembarkation comfortable, relatively large trunk, but not put skis.

I'm thinking to take the same body, and precise s202 sedan with engine Pobol compressor would be great kopim coin. This is a car to travel.

Do not judge strictly, the first review, the car does not compare with anything yet, there is little on what was driving, but from what went on, it is undeniably the best. It is simple, no special electronics for the engine must follow, as the oil change by the hour. Many things, of course, I did not write for a long history. But the car is good, from good hands after a specific diagnosis - measured driving enthusiasts can take. Still smells from 111 motor reliability, and follow him right.

Mercedes C200 W204 Review

Mercedes C200 Avangard
Mercedes C200 Avangard

Good day. Am always choosing the car, trying to read such reviews owners. But as a rule 90% of those who write them just bought, visited a test drive and write about his wife's car, etc. what or anyone interested.

Mercedes C200 compressor body W204. Onwards 2007. Not buying new, bought in Kaliningrad in 2011 with a run of 18 tons / km., Now 73 m / km. The service life of 11 months from the low. I live in Siberia, Tyumen region., Tobolsk.

- Appearance.

Markups to Mercier was always indifferent. What seemed a mysterious reliability and appearance of self-deception. But then came the w204, saliva flowed. I go and it's nice when you stare at passers-by and at the traffic light and the people in their wheelbarrows. Personally, I like the look, napokupal to any tuning as before for all sorts of 9s ... but this is where it took place, and the machine without all the farm nahlobuchek has incredible looks. My opinion, or who do not impose.

And go on the highway, and the city, and 200 km / h in a 250 km, at 200, well certainly stones fly, but no chipping. Our car washes wash somehow ... avnom, but scratches are none so conspicuous, there is of course the age of divorce is rags, see if staring straight with a magnifying glass. But in general, I'm fine.

- Suspension and comfort.

It was a lot of cars, I have this 16th ... so there is nothing to compare to this was a contemporary of Lexus IS250, the same 2007 year To make it clearer, IS250 mileage at time of sale was my 50 t / km, a total of 70, the Kramers at purchase was 18, Wait 73, ie I dashed off for 55. And I can say that for every ushatannoy road, small pits, gravel, etc. Kramers in running a lot better and more comfortable, small bumps glataet just do not what that sounds the same roads, the IS250 not rush to go more than 60-70 km / h, all the same the whole salon grind, running some sort of noisy, I just do very careful attitude to the cars, so it was terrible for her thinking that running a long time to live if on a road to go 150, but on the Mersey just all vanished somewhere, going 160-180 on the same road, the cabin is quiet, no Che bryakaet , running just do not hear. Comfort compared to the IS250 material difference. At Lexus certainly has its many advantages, and a very nice car, beautiful, especially the interior, everything is straight up horror pleasant, and the instrument panel so just do, like start it when the arrows light up and the panel is not present, and the red mark to run away and back and then comes the whole board ... in Mercedes sure that everything as it is easier in this regard, but it is more convenient, or anything superfluous, everything is easy, at first glance it may seem that this groomed jig, all what that square seems after Lexus but quickly got used because all very conveniently located, sitting like easier, but comfortable, bought the car in Kaliningrad, he lived in Tobolsk, 3700 km., drove for 2 days, the neck just numb with fatigue, and not on that sit comfortably. In general I can say that the comfort of a very happy, everything is just amazing.

- Breakdowns and general impressions.

Any human just do not break, 55k km out from great pleasure. Oil changes, brake pads, filters. 65k km on the run, changed tires summer, the old Continental cut on curbs, ever have to park outside the house because of all the "drivers" for the remaining seats ... come from work late at night, I get up to luck, so the rubber and had no luck.

In winter, do not advise Kramers start without heating, but of course HZ as I'm not a pilot, I only driver. At -25 belching black smoke maybe one minute of time, and then everything is fine, at -30 going no more than 5 km / h, it is necessary to pass the park km. stand mute, make and then go further. I put the Webasto, because alarm with auto start on this machine do not put too smart car with the key. Webasto real thing, interior heater in the kit to buy it did not, because Violence is only the battery, ie Webasto battery up and running by myself, and the coffin batt just the climate, and therefore did not put. Put in the morning on a timer for 30 minutes, get out, wound up in the summer, immediately drove slowly through one minute later in the cabin warm. Mears just do a very warm car for me so this is a very important consideration because I live in Siberia.

I go quickly, without the fanaticism of course, but a turtle carts just not my thing, Mears is a great car, the dynamics excellent, my friend sold the IS250, chasing, Meursault respect. IS can and will go after the 180 on the track in a straight line, but the city is certainly a compressor more dope. On the track with 100 dials 200 faster than zero to 100, and 100 times in the two sprints.

There was a lot of different machines, as I travel a lot I can knurl 200 tons / kilometers, as sorry that he lost money by selling cars. I will take the next C-Class coupe only, those that started producing in 2011. If my review has helped you, very happy that someone is able to help in the selection. Great car, I, with my very happy.
Mercedes C200 is one of the most popular models of the brand Mercedes-Benz. As a precursor to Mercedes C200 may be considered Mercedes W201, which is also known as the Mercedes 190. However, this is not officially the first C-Class, but rather predecessor. C-Class officially began producing from 1993 until today. Mercedes C200 is one of the most prominent members of this class as one of the most popular models. C200 could mean gasoline and diesel, which can be 2.0 or 1.8 petrol (gasoline lead somewhere by 1.8 Mercedes C200, although officially a C180) and diesel 2.0, it can be CDI. You can see that just stands behind this modification quite a asrotiment of engines, although not all are called Mercedes C200.